Maranatha Christian University is a degree awarding Institution offering world-class teaching and learning facilities to local and international students not only in Science and Technology related programmes, but also in a whole universe of the Arts, Humanities, and Commercial Disciplines.

the problem

How do you visually show “world-class”? This was our brief, to come up with a world class brand that would compete with the very best in the world. A logo that would sit comfortably among other international university brands. Our challenge was to brand an organisation whose vision is to be a world class Christian University renowned for its advanced research, teaching and entrepreneurial education for personal development and socio-economic transformation. The brand must be simple, modern, appealing to students and potential international partners, but most importantly it must communicate the university’s objective of world-class academia in research, teaching and learning in support of personal growth.

We did just what the client wanted and added a bit extra following these 6 steps:-

Step 1: We defined the value proposition,
Step 2: We looked at the brand & audited competing brands,
Step 3: Identified concepts & developed a visual approach,
Step 4: Applied concepts to a visual design approach,
Step 5: conceptualised refinements and
Step 6: Got final approval of this visual identity.

We created a world class Zimbabwean brand that met all the goals our client set for us.