the problem

AERC was seeking to engage a public relations agency based in Zimbabwe, to provide media support; before, during, and post-Seminar. AERC had limited internal capacity to promote. Therefore, the agency had to be prepared to serve as an extension to AERC staff on the ground, providing strong account management and oversight within two weeks.

the solution

Bergast House provided hands-on media support with editorial assistance and general management before andduring the Seminar. The team organised media presence for the duration of the two day event, as well as organiseda press conference attended by a record 20+ journalists. In addition, Bergast House provided onsite photography.Providing active and engaging photos showcasing the innovation and uniqueness of the event. Together with thefilming, editing and production of the highlight reels throughout the event along with participant testimonials.
During the SPS, We saw a significant growth in engagement, likes, followersand share-of-voice on all AERC platforms due to a well thought our pre-eventdigital strategy, engaging content and instant interaction between the brandand the audience.

the result

Bergast House managed to mobilise very high social media engagement through out the duration of the event. A daily countdown sharing facts, statistics and quotes from seminar speakers promoted the event and stirred up excitement on social media.